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Berlin Flyer Wagons is an Authorized Dealer of Berlin Flyer Wooden Wagons. Berlin Wood Products are made in the center of Amish Country in Holmes County (Berlin), Ohio. Berlin Flyer wooden wagons are classic and durable, and will withstand the test of time. These wagons are made in Ohio from real wood and use steel wheels and real pneumatic tires. Buy a Berlin Wagon and see for yourself what everyone is raving about!

Berlin Flyer wooden wagons are meant to last and last, with real steel wheels, real rubber tires, and real wood. When you buy a Berlin flyer wood wagon, it is just that a simple classic wooden wagon that your kids will love, play with and be able to pass down to their kids.
What kind of wood does Berlin Wood Products use and where is it from? The plywood is Baltic Birch. It meets the CARB regulations for formaldehyde. The rest of the wood used in the wagon is from the Great Lake region (from NY west to MI and south to KY, PA, etc.)'s Berlin Wagon Kid Photo Contest Winner

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Berlin Express Wagon with Rubber/Plastic Hub F 401
Berlin Flyer Red Classic Wagon Made in USA
Berlin Flyer Wagon with Ball Bearings Wheels F-310BB

Berlin Express Wagon with Rubber/Plastic Hub F 401
Our price: $138.00

Berlin Flyer Red Classic Wagon Made in USA
Our price: $139.99

Berlin Flyer Wagon with Ball Bearings Wheels F-310BB
Our price: $143.75
Berlin Pee-Wee Flyer Big Wheel Wagon F257BW
Berlin Pee-Wee Flyer Red Wagon F 257
Berlin Red Loadmaster Wooden Wagon with Air Tires F 600

Berlin Pee-Wee Flyer Big Wheel Wagon F257BW
Our price: $132.75

Berlin Pee-Wee Flyer Red Wagon F 257
Our price: $115.00

Berlin Red Loadmaster Wooden Wagon with Air Tires F 600
Our price: $244.00
Berlin Sport Wagon - Big Wheel F 410

Berlin Sport Wagon - Big Wheel F 410
Our price: $199.00
Sale price: $173.00
Berlin Wood Products, Inc., is in the center of Amish Country in Holmes County (Berlin), Ohio. The father of the family, John, started the business in 1965 with several other businessmen. Initially, their vision for the business was to become a lawn and garden tool manufacturer and sell various models of wheelbarrows and moving carts. After a few years, these men “changed gears” and focused on the wood components of these units and sold these items to the major companies in the industry. By the early ’70’s, the company developed the wooden wagon line to utilize wood material not usable in their other markets. Thus, the Berlin Flyer wagon was born. They still make wheelbarrow handles, but they make a lot of wood, dimension stock that is used in many different markets. Currently, they have around 20 Amish employees…many of them have been there for over 15 years. John has since retired, and the children have been given the opportunity to handle the business for the 2nd generation.

Today’s Berlin wagon is virtually the same wagon that rolled off our production line over 30 years ago. The only items they buy finished for the wagons are the wheels and bolt packs. Everything else is done in their factory…American made! We feel they have the best quality, longest lasting, durable wagon on the market today. Berlin Wagons company philosophy has been, is currently, and always will be that they don’t want to be the biggest…they only want to be the best. To date, they are not in major retail stores. They are a small, family-run business. they have, however, dealt with various marketing concepts over the years where they would have to substitute less expensive materials to meet their price points and afford them the opportunity to gain more exposure. Don’t get me wrong. That’s okay for some, but not for Berlin Wagons. They make their fair share of wagons, but they aren’t interested in mass-producing or substituting cheaper materials just to make a sale.

To quote the Berlin Wagons Slogan “Our goal is to put as much of the cost of the product as possible back into the product itself - no “bells and whistles” or “sugar coating” to get you to buy our product. Our products are much the same as we conduct our business and live our lives – plain and simple. The craftsmanship speaks for itself… “

Customer Reviews of the Berlin Flyer Wagons:

"Several years ago, one of our children received the Berlin Flyer F 310 Wagon as a Christmas present. It was too cold to go outside, but he spent most of the morning sitting in this wagon and playing or having us pull him up and down the hallway.

Even today, our family still uses this wagon a lot. Our youngest child has claimed this wagon as his own. Now that Summer is here, taking a ride up the road in the wagon is one of his favorite things to do in the evenings.

The Berlin company has several wagons from which one can choose, but this one is not the most expensive model.

Here's what you get:

a red wagon (what young child doesn't need one of those?) The wagon measures 36 inches long, about a foot wide, and about 18 inches tall.

4 wheels that are made of solid rubber. This eliminates any flat tires, having to pump them up, and they are very durable. I guess the only downside is a slightly rougher ride.

The seating area is made of plywood and it has brackets for the sides. This is one things that is quite different about this wagon than others I have seen. The sides are made of six separate panels (almost like gates) that fit into the brackets. You can use the wagon with or without the brackets. With the brackets in place, I feel very safe in having my toddler ride in the wagon. When it is time for him to crawl out, we simply remove one of the pieces and out he goes. The sides are painted red. The front and back pieces have white lettering with the name of the wagon. My kids like to take these out, and they can put them back with ease. The pieces will fit in any of the six spots around the wagon.

A handle to steer with or to pull. This handle is metal and about 25 inches long.

The wagon advertises No-Tip Steering. You can turn it to some very sharp angles, and I must say that we've never tipped it over.

The wagon is very sturdy. I often go to the nearby church parking lot with my son. The parking lot has a very gentle grade to it. We'll go to the upper end. I'll hop in the back with my son in the front, and we'll ride to other side of the lot. That's quite a bit of weight, but it holds it fine. One tradeoff for its strength is its weight. The wagon is pretty heavy, I'd say around 35-40 pounds. You don't want to have to lift it much.

Besides going for rides, the wagon has come in very handy around the house with picnics. We'll load it up with our chairs, food, and of course S'more fixins and haul it to our campfire spot.

We've been very pleased with the wagon so far, and I'd say we'll have it for many years to come."

"I grew up with a traditional "Radio Flyer". My Friend had one of those plastic wagons, they make way too much noise, so I knew that I wanted the "Radio Flyer". As I was shopping around for them, I found the Berlin Flyer on the internet. I have seen them around, after reading up on it I changed my mind. I simply love this wagon. It is great for small children with the high sides. Because they are removable, my 4 yr old can get in and out without lifting her in. It steers great as well. I am sure in the future it will continue to fit our needs. Buy this wagon and I am sure you will love it!"

"It's actually a very nice wagon. It does come in many pieces but don't let that bother you. The instructions are easy to read and the wagon goes together very nicely. It's wood so it is a little heavier than the plastic wagons."

"Bought this wagon for our grandson. We had one exactly like it for his dad and uncle. It lasted a long time then and know that this one will also. Our grandson really enjoys it."

"This wagon is FANTASTIC!! We got this wagon for our daughters 1st B-Day. She loves it! It's the perfect size and it's very well made. PLUS it's made in the USA, unlike radio flyer who's wagons are being built in china!!! I also took my friends 3 1/2yr old and my daughter for a walk the other day and they fit great. If you have any questions or ever need a part 20 years from now, the company is always there to help. I called to find out more about them before I purchased this wagon, and got the owner-he was super nice and answered all my questions. They are a small business that's been around for many many years. I really love those small businesses. Also, the sides all come off and it can even fit in my husbands jeep. The price is right for the quality. We also love the no-tip feature. We are very happy with this wagon and hope to pass it down to grandkids some day."


"This is a great, sturdy wagon. Was surprised the side rails remove easily, but that does make it more adaptable to different uses and probably stronger over the long run. My kids love it."

"The wagon is MUCH sturdier than the one produced by Radio Flyer. It steers smoothly and it does not have that nasty smell of toys made in China. I just wish they put some rubber around the metal handle. Yes, it takes time to assemble it, but it is not a big deal if you have the right tools!"

Customer Testimonial:
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