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Fun Games to Play on an Outdoor TrampolineTrampolines are wonderful backyard apparatus for spirited fun and aerobic exercise. Everyone who comes in contact with a trampoline will want to take a few jumps. From toddlers to seniors, the trampoline that will test balance, endurance and gravity-defying aerial skills.

Trampolines are great fun but can cause serious injuries, so always take safety precautions before starting any games. Adult supervision is required for these games and only one person should be on the apparatus at any one time to prevent injury. Spotters should be positioned around the trampoline or use a safety netting.

Jumper's Marathons
One at a time, two or more jumpers compete to see who can score the highest number of regular jumps on a trampoline. Jumps must be consecutive and at least 12 inches of air, the distance from the trampoline surface. The jumper with the highest number of completed jumps wins.

Twirling while jumping on a trampoline is a dizzying act of joy. Two or more jumpers can compete to see who can twirl jump the most before sickness or laughter takes them over. Another variation on the Jump-Twirl is the Jump-Twirl-Sit-Stand routine, which is really difficult to do consecutively.

Spread Eagle and The Plank
Two games that demonstrate balance and agility are the Spread Eagle and The Plank. Two or more jumpers compete to determine who can score the highest number of Spread-Eagle jumps (also known as a jack-knife jump) on a trampoline. Jumps must be consecutive and jumpers must get at least 24 inches of air, spread their legs completely, and touch their toes with each jump for it to count. The jumper with the highest number of completed spread-eagle jumps is the winner.

The Plank move is similar to the Spread Eagle however instead of jumping with legs akimbo, legs are tightly held together in a plank. To achieve a Plank, jumper must rebound several times to get as much air beneath them as possible. Then jump with legs out front. Jumper can attempt to touch toes as well. The dismount, or the returning to the starting standing position is difficult.

Another version of The Plank includes a 180-degree swivel. In a Swivel Plank, the jumper attempts consecutive planks, each time turning in mid-air, and sitting on the tramp surface before attempting the next Swivel Plank. Count the number of fully completed swivels in a contest.

Follow The Leader
Two or more people compete to imitate the trampoline moves of another. One jumper begins the contest usually with a simple jump. The next jumper must perform the first move and add a move of their own. The next jumper must perform all previous stunts and add to the list. Jumpers who fail to complete the routine in the order performed are eliminated until only one jumper remains. To be declared the winner, the final jumper must perform the routine without mistake.

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