Generous Size Therapeutic Weighted Wrap

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Generous Size Therapeutic Weighted Wrap
Generous Size Therapeutic Weighted Wrap
Generous Size Therapeutic Weighted Wrap
Generous Size Therapeutic Weighted Wrap
Generous Size Therapeutic Weighted Wrap
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Therapeutic Wrap Generous Size

The Generous Size Wrap is navy flannel and offers great coverage for your comfort and is easy to use. It is "U" shaped and approximately 2 lbs. All Wraps include instructions and are packaged for gift giving.

The Wraps provide pressure, tactile touch, proprioceptive input, for those within the broad spectrum of sensory sensitivities, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, restlessness, etc. leaving them with a pervasive feeling of well-being and calmness.

Consult with your therapist for the weight that is best for your user.

The Wraps can be heated (dry heat or moist heat by just misting before heating) or cooled. They are easy to use. They drape over shoulders offering mobility, and also easily contour to your body. You can use a belt to aid in the placement of your wrap on your low back, knees, arms, etc.

The LB Comfort Large Size Wrap is available with or without a lavender scent, and with or without a protective navy flannel Large Wrap Cover. Please be sure to specify your preferences above before ordering.

Brand: LB Comfort
LB Comfort, LLC emerged in the mid 1990s. The company’s founder began with the original pattern, designed to be easy to use and comfortably wrap around the shoulders while providing mobility. After much research and customer requests, the Wraps have evolved into a truly ergonomic and therapeutic product.

The Wraps are capable of being heated or cooled, are filled with corn (organic material, not poly-beads) and come in a variety of sizes. Lavender Buds will be added upon request. The Wraps are currently used for a wide range of therapeutic needs from providing a “weight factor” for sensory-sensitivity issues to the alleviation of aches, pains, and cramps.

LB Comfort, LLC grew over the years to include many varied therapeutic products. After requests made by physical therapists, a Weighted Vest was designed.

LB Comfort, LLC takes pride in customer satisfaction and enjoys hearing customer stories such as “My baby’s colic went away soon after placing a warm Extra Small Wrap on his belly”, “My husband, who has Alzheimer’s, cannot live without his Weighted Blanket. Now he can go to church using his new Large Size Wrap”, and “We use your Wraps every night as bed warmers through the winter months”.

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"I have been using LB Comfort’s Therapeutic Wrap for over a year now and I have to say it has become an everyday essential. I heat it up in the wintertime to use as a bed warmer or to keep my feet warm. I store it in the freezer in the summer to take the sting out of brutally hot days. I put the Wrap on some part of by body everyday.

I paint houses for a living and that can really put a strain on my forearms and even my shoulders. When I get home I pull the Wrap out of he freezer and wrap it around my painting arm. After it has been iced thoroughly, I throw it in the microwave and then apply some heat. This works wonders at relieving muscle soreness.

I also find that that the Pack soothes an upset stomach. I’m not sure of it’s the comforting weight or the warmth, or perhaps the combination, but the Wrap always eased my stomach. Plus, the scent is very soothing and pleasing!

I have given a Therapeutic Wrap to all of my family members and they all agree that it is extremely useful. My father does construction work and my grandmother has a paper route every night. Both are thankful for something that takes the pain out of a hard day’s work. I wish LB Comfort the best of luck and I hope the business grows so more people can experience this wonderful product. I know I’ll be buying a few more!"

- Joshua A.

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