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Melissa & Doug Kids Shopping Cart
Melissa & Doug Kids Shopping Cart
Melissa & Doug Kids Shopping Cart
Item #: 4071
Price: $88.50

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Melissa & Doug Children's Shopping Grocery Cart

This sturdy metal children's grocery cart will provide hours of imaginative play. Pretend to be a Mommy shopping for groceries and load up your wagon with goodies!

To market, to market! Our durable metal shopping cart looks just like those in real stores! Sturdy metal construction includes pivoting front wheels, a folding doll seat and protective corner bumpers to navigate the aisles in style and safety.

Dimensions: 23.25" x 15" x 11.75" Assembled

Recommended Ages: 3+ years
Contains small parts. Adult assembly required.

Melissa and Doug Grocery Cart Reviews

"Great toy cart. I purchased over one year ago and the cart has held up to daily use in a child care enviornment. Cart features safety stops that will not allow it to roll if another child or a heavy object is in cart. Cart was well worth the money. Only conn for home use is the size is larger and it is does not fold for storage."

"I purchased this for my 19 month old daughter. It was always a challenge to go to the grocery store because she wants to push the big grocery cart while we shop. Unfortunately none of the stores in my area have mini carts for her. I wanted something that could withstand rough play and I am opposed to cheap plastic junk. I found this cart and purchased it based on other reviews from parents. I am so pleased with it. My daughter LOVES it and pushes it all over the neighborhood. We even take it to the store with us. It's light enough that I can pick it up without any issue, but sturdy enough that it can take a beating from little kids. My daughter loves acting like mommy and taking her baby shopping. It doesn't come with bumpers, like real grocery carts have, and I have the ding in my entertainment center to prove it. To resolve that problem I fashioned some out of stuff I had. Problem solved. This cart is a great value, very durable and is extremely cute. I highly recommend this to any parent! I'm sure we will get many years of use out of this and still be able to pass it on."

"My 2 year old daughter found this in a store and claimed it. It had entertained her the remainder of the trip and at home. It is sturdy and more durable then the plastic ones. Realistic and perfect for toddlers who love to push stuff around on the floor. Even has a fold down seat for cookie monster to sit. Definetly taking on shopping trips since she loves pushing the big cart at the store. Now she has one her size. Just wish it came with rubber bumpers on the corners."

"We bought this cart at a specialty store on vacation and fell in love, I had to check out their website. The shopping cart is just like the real thing! The body is made of durable metal and has a heavy duty plastic handle. My one year old son loves pushing it around the house. We'll have to buy some food to go with it! Definitely worth the money for the quality that you get."

"The Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart was an unexpected find after going through screen after screen of overpriced plastic junk.

This cart is all steel, except for the plastic handle (which has a steel core), the folding plastic "kids" seat for a doll and the plastic wheels. This cart looks like the real ones in the stores and it's built to last! Assembly is a breeze, too.

The two front wheels rotate 360 degrees for steering and they are mounted on spring loaded "legs". If you child leans into the cart from the front or sides, it will compress causing a rubber "foot" to hit the floor and stop the cart from moving forward or backward. There are also rubber "feet" on the left and right sides.

The only "dangerous" thing I can see with this cart is where the plastic wheels are minimally covered by steel "fenders" for mounting purposes. I can foresee a pinched finger or two in our daughter's future, but you can't shield your children from everything in the world that might hurt them, nor do I feel you should. In this out-of-control P.C. country of ours, we're raising a nation of coddled kids that can't think or fend for themselves. OK, I'm off my soapbox!

One other thing, if this cart will be used indoors (and I'm sure it will be) it will be downright hazardous to your furniture. I have used the padded shipping material to create bumpers for the cart to try and protect our furniture. A little cutting with scissors and a few cable-ties and you're in business."

"This shopping cart looks so much like the real thing - it's awesome! Not surprised, coming from the M&D brand. I didn't understand what the straight legs were for, until my dh showed that when you push down on the cart, it actually pushes down, onto the pegs, to make sure kids aren't jumping in the cart and making a car out of it - it will just stop and stay on the legs. Genius! I love that it has the folding seat for HuggyBear or Baby, or whoever my little girl loves at the moment. PERFECT toy. My daughter is 2, by the way. Younger than recommended, but I like to think she's a little advanced. :)Great Buy, Great Product! "

"There are many toys that can make a child feel like he or she is in the grocery store imitating mom or dad, but most of them are meant for mild play at home and don't last for very long. Even though some stores use carts with plastic baskets, most still use carts with wire baskets and metal tube frame. The Melissa & Doug Shopping cart reminds me of the ones used in nearly every store that provides carts for customers to use.

The Melissa & Doug grocery-style shopping cart is so very realistic, we just adore it for our child. The Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart is made of a large gauge wire basket and very similar tubular frame, it has the typical fold out child seat with plastic bottom shield for a child's baby, and the plastic cover over the handle looks just like the ones at stores we frequent.

This cart also has two other features not found on typical carts: anti-tipping riggers and spring-loaded front wheels. Since the cart is smaller it has a narrower wheel base. This cart has anti-tipping riggers with rubber feet to help prevent the the cart from tipping which might result with a hurt child or damaged walls or flooring. The spring-loaded front wheels are a nice 'surprise' feature, too. These springs keep the cart from having such a rigid feel to it. It's too small for my children to get into (by design, I think), but when the kids lean over the end of the cart to get something out (like mom and dad do at the store) the springs allow the cart to lower which prevents the basket from pressing too hard on little ribs and tummies. This feature was an unexpected bonus we never would have missed, but really appreciate.

We like the durability and the realistic appearance, but what makes this toy even better is that the cart SOUNDS like the mom and dad's cart at the store"

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Dimensions: 23.25" x 15" x 11.75" Assembled

Recommended Ages: 3+ years
Contains small parts. Adult assembly required.

Brand: Melissa & Doug
From puzzles to puppets, plush to play food, magnetic activities, music and more, Melissa & Doug® is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of educational toys and children's products. Started in 1988 in their garage, Melissa & Doug® has something for everyone, with nearly 1,000 unique and exciting products for children of all ages!

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