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Why are kids overweight?
Kids, like adults, are overweight because they eat too much. The real question is why do they eat too much? Some people claim that it’s a lack of self-confidence. These people are either beating themselves or others up for lack of restraint. Again, one must ask the question “why?” Why do some people lack control when it comes to food? Genes play some kind of role. There are kids who have very little appetite or who are very fussy about what they will eat- and not because their parents trained them to be so restrictive. This is the way they are from birth. Then there are people who gravitate to food, turning to it for pleasure, solace, stimulation and any other reason. Some people claim that the environment plays a large role in children’s eating disorders. They have a point. The modern sedentary lifestyle contributes to the problem. Food-oriented homes and cultures defiantly contribute as well. However, being surrounded by food doesn’t completely explain why some kids are overweight. Just as it is true that only a certain percentage of the population will have a drinking problem when liquor is available (no one has a drinking problem when no alcohol is available), it is also true that only a certain percentage of the population will have an obesity problem when calorie-laden junk food is highly available. However, not all children are overweight. Some are normal weight and some are underweight. Culture and Environment alone do not account for why your child is overweight.

In fact, the issue of obesity has not yet been solved. We’ve sent people to the moon and invented webcams- but we do not yet know why some people will have a lifelong struggle with their weight. Therefore, parents must be respectful of the complexity of the issues surrounding their child’s eating problems.

How to help your overweight child:
Limit the amount of screen time and encourage active play exercise and any kind of vertical movement! Trampolines are a popular way to encourage exercise. They are provide a full work out and are SUPER FUN! Affordable trampolines are available here at . Choosing the proper trampoline is important. Please give us a call (1-877-720-7600) so that we can help you choose the best trampoline that will suit YOUR child’s needs!

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