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About Quality Toys

Quality Toys specializes in high both indoor and outdoor toys. Our website features a wide range of toys from Electronic to Swing sets and Outdoor Water Sports. Our goal is to provide the best quality information on the products that we advertise so that customers can be sure they are making the right purchase. Whether you are spending $100 or $10,000, you will know that the products you are buying will be the highest quality there is.

Quality Toys was started in the early 2000’s with a retail store and our website. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, the retail store was closed. However, the website is still running strong and helps guides customers to the toys of their dreams! There is a toy on our website for everybody. 

Why shop at Quality Toys? For one, Quality Toys offers a wide range of products all at the best prices. We want to provide all of the items we sell at the most affordable pricing. Also, here at Quality Toys we strive to offer exceptional customer service. Have a question regarding one of our products? We are here to help. We also offer in-depth product descriptions that will help you make the right decision for your family’s next quality toy.

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Our Most Popular Toy Brands

Gorilla Swing Sets

Since 1993, Gorilla Swing Sets has constructed innovative and durable playsets. As a leader in the playset industry, Gorilla sets the tone with their exceptional warranty and superior customer service. In addition, Gorilla strives to continually improve based on customer feedback, allowing them to create the best possible playsets for your children.

Not only does Gorilla offer modern designs on their playsets, but they also offer an outstanding warranty on all their swing sets. The 10-year limited warranty covers wood and structure components, while a 1-year warranty on all accessories. The warranty and top-notch customer service provided by Gorilla helps customers feel assured in the purchasing of a Gorilla playset. Also, all Gorilla playsets come with all the required hardware you need to construct the playset.

JumpSport Trampolines

JumpSport’s humble beginnings allow them to produce the highest quality and safest trampolines on the market. Co-founders Mark and Valerie Publicover witnessed an unfortunate backyard trampoline accident involving one of their friend’s children. While the child recovered quickly, this incident sparked the idea for a safer trampoline experience for kids with a safe enclosure. Today, JumpSport remains a family-run business and now manufacturers quality trampolines that protect millions of jumping children all over the world.

JumpSport Trampolines not only offers trampolines for kids, but they also offer fitness trampolines. Fitness trampolines are used for high-intensity workouts and make for a great cardio session. They have a variety of different options that are affordable and durable.

GoTrax Scooters

GoTrax, an American company located in Texas, creates high-quality electric scooters, bikes, and hoverboard products. Their mission as a brand revolves around creating environmentally-friendly products to offer a new alternative to gas transportation. To achieve their mission, GoTrax creates smart, green traveling products that are fun to ride.

GoTrax values its avid customer base as they continue to improve and better its product offerings. With over 1 million electric vehicles sold, customers choose GoTrax as a trusted manufacturer for electric scooters and hoverboards. Along with its expertise, GoTrax offers a 90-day warranty on all GoTrax Scooter products. This leads the industry in warranties on hoverboards and scooter products.