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Today, children spend more time than ever consumed in technology and electronics. Help break the cycle of too much screen time with active toys! Active toys help encourage children to get back to the basics like playing outside while encouraging social interactions.

There are many types of active toys to choose from, like bounce houses, trampolines, swing sets, and more! No matter what age range your children are in, active toys can provide endless hours of fun. In addition, active toys help promote great cardiovascular activity. From running to swinging to jumping, active toys will help your child get the required physical exercise they need. 

Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are no longer something your kids will just enjoy at special events and carnivals! Owning your own residential bounce house provides hours of play right in your own backyard. Bounce houses come in varying shapes and themes to appeal to children of different age ranges and interests. 

Not only do bounce houses help promote jumping and other physical activities, but they also help encourage social play too. Your kids will love inviting friends, neighbors, and family members over to enjoy the bounce house too! Bounce houses are a great investment for years of activity for your children.

Swing Sets

Swing sets are a tried and true active toy that has been enjoyed by children for decades. Today’s modern swing set options are better than ever, with many unique features to choose from. From standard swings to fun trapeze bars and rock climbing walls, swing sets offer hours of exciting outdoor play for your children.

Many affordable swing set options provide endless fun for your children, without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a simple and traditional swing set or an ultra-modern swing set with all the bells and whistles, there’s something for every swing set shopper. Your children will benefit from years of usage without outgrowing their swing set too quickly.


Children are full of energy and ready to get outside and jump! Trampolines offer an enjoyable outdoor activity for your entire family, not just the children! Today, trampolines undergo rigorous safety testing to limit potential jumping hazards. Many parents now feel confident in purchasing a trampoline with an enclosed safety netting.

Allow your children to jump and play on a backyard trampoline, all while getting some Vitamin D in the sun. Trampolines offer excellent cardiovascular and physical exercise, helping to promote balance and gross motor skills. In addition, children will interact with one another while jumping on your backyard trampoline.

Water Trampolines 

Water trampolines take jumping on traditional trampolines to a whole new level! These types of trampolines function like regular outdoor trampolines, but they float on water. With various attachments to add on, such as inflatable beams and tubes, your children will never get tired of jumping on their water trampoline.

For camps and recreation centers, water trampolines offer an attractive and unique opportunity to encourage active play. Have a house on the lake? Make this year extra fun with the addition of a water trampoline. Water trampolines are offered in various sizes, shapes, and bouncing capacities.

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