Since the early 20th century, children and adults alike have enjoyed dollhouses of all kinds. For adults, dollhouse kits offer a fun and exciting hobby to explore your creative side. Many hobbyists enjoy constructing new dollhouse kits for fun.

For children, dollhouses also offer a fun place to let their imagination run free! Starting from scratch, create and build your very own dollhouse with a model dollhouse kit. Many dollhouse kits feature blank slate interiors, allowing you to design them however you please.

Dollhouse Kits

From cottage-style to elegant mansions, dollhouse kits vary in structure and architectural design. Many dollhouse kits, such as many of the GreenLeaf Dollhouses, feature detailed instructions to help make assembly easy. When you assemble and design a dollhouse from start to finish, you’ll feel accomplished and proud of a job well done.

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a dollhouse kit! Online resources and how-to instructions help make assembly fun and easy. The unfinished wooden inside of many dollhouse kits offers a blank slate. Paint the walls or don’t- the choice is yours!

Dollhouses for Kids

Imaginative play is an important component of learning and child development. Purchasing a dollhouse for your children allows them to explore their creative side, fostering imagination! All types of dollhouse furniture, people, and accessories help create the whole picture of a full-house.

Dollhouses also encourage children to work out everyday scenarios through their play. Watch your child play with their dollhouse; you’ll notice their scenarios and problem-solving skills in action.  Dollhouses offer the perfect toy to keep your children occupied, whether solo or together.

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