Electric/Gas Bikes

Buying a trike offers great flexibility and fun for riders looking to enjoy outdoor rides. The three-wheel construction, as opposed to a standard bicycle, adds a little extra support. As such, trikes give freedom to riders with stability or mobility concerns.

Trikes offer both electric-operated and gas-powered options. Similarly, to bikes, electric trikes utilize an electric motor and battery to operate. In contrast, gas trikes require gas fuel to run. When choosing between gas or electric trikes, the ultimate choice will depend on your personal preferences.

Types of Trikes

Many riders are impressed to learn the many benefits of riding an electric trike. First and foremost, riding a trike helps encourage physical movement and activity. Not only is spending time outdoors good for mood, but electric trikes offer a low-impact workout for anyone. Even those with mobility issues can ride an electric trike! In contrast, some trikes focus on a fun, recreational riding experience.

Depending on your needs, the type of electric trike needed will vary. Some electric trikes support leisurely riding, while others support recreational activities like drifting and go-karting. In addition, some trikes operate on electricity, while others operate by gas.  In turn, you’re sure to find the perfect trike suited for your goals.

Below are some of the most popular electric and gas trikes, for varying needs:

Popular Electric and Gas Trikes

MotoTec Rex 110cc 4-Stroke Kids Gas ATV

Let your children explore their inner adventure with the MotoTec Rex 110xx 4-Strike Kids Gas ATV. This off-road terrain ATV, designed for kids age 10 and up, offers maximum entertainment for adventurous kids. Parents will love the parent remote control kill switch, to provide an extra level of safety.

In addition, the MotoTec Rex 110xx 4-Stroke Kids Gas ATV creates memories and excitement while enjoying the great outdoors. This Kids Gas ATV is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders, and makes the perfect surprise gift! This gas-powered trike is intended for recreational purposes.

MotoTec Electric Trike

The MotoTec Electric Trike can ride either sitting or standing! This type of electric trike is for standard riders, looking to use a trike for transportation and riding purposes. The impressive 25 miles per hour speeds make riding enjoyable, no matter where you’re headed. In addition, the front storage basket allows you to take this trike along for errands.

Riding the MotoTec Electric Trike requires a little-to-no learning curve. The easy-to-operate twist throttle and left-handle brake system help riders of all experience levels get started! This electric trike can support riders up to 240 pounds. This electric trike works best for riders using their trike for transportation.

MotoTec Maverick Go Kart

Looking for a go-kart electric trike? The MotoTec Maverick Go Kart offers a fun and safe experience for riders of all ages. For example, the full roll cage safety bars always ensure rider safety, alongside the hydraulic braking system.

In addition to safety, this rugged go-kart offers hours of endless fun, with a charge time between 4 and 5 hours on a single charge. The MotoTec Maverick Go Kart works best for recreational riders.


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