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About Fitness Trampolines

Take charge of your new year’s resolutions and fitness goals with a unique and fun form of cardiovascular exercise. Purchasing a fitness trampoline can have numerous health benefits and help encourage workouts for people who don’t enjoy other cardiovascular activities. Unlike outdoor recreational backyard trampolines, indoor fitness trampolines take up very little space.

When searching for a fitness trampoline, you may hear the term “rebounder”. Rebounding entails a full-body workout on a fitness trampoline, providing many benefits. Instead of working out a singular targeted muscle, jumping uses many muscle groups all at once. 

Health Benefits of Fitness Trampolines

When you jump, your body uses several muscle groups simultaneously, leading to an ultimate strength-building exercise. Whether you’re seeking a core or leg workout, try a fitness trampoline to help achieve your fitness goals. The excellent cardiovascular exercise you’ll get from jumping on a fitness trampoline can help improve your heart health too, including lowering high cholesterol levels. 

In addition to an excellent workout, jumping on a fitness trampoline also improves your bone density. As we age, our bones become more fragile and lose strength. Maintaining regular exercise, like exercise via a fitness trampoline, improves bone density to combat these age-related changes. In turn, you’ll lessen your chances of developing painful conditions that limit your mobility as you age. Using a fitness trampoline can also help you improve your balance, along with coordination.

Stress Relief

Beyond their fitness benefits, using a fitness trampoline also helps to relieve stress. Stressed out with everyday life or your job? Take a jump on a fitness trampoline to release all that built-up stress. Many jumpers find the endorphins released when exercising helps them to manage their stress and seize the day.

If you’re in search of a fitness activity you actually enjoy, give jumping on a fitness trampoline a try. With several affordable options to choose from, you’ll also reap the benefits of exercising right from the comfort of your own home. Make your fitness schedule work for you with the flexibility of a fitness trampoline!

JumpSport 200 Series Cardio Fitness Trampoline

The JumpSport 200 Series Cardio Fitness Trampoline is the perfect trampoline to get started! This uniquely designed fitness trampoline offers a large jumping surface with a sturdy and stable jumping surface. The special bungees allow for a cushioned, yet impressive bounce. When using the JumpSport 200 Series Cardio Fitness Trampoline, you’ll burn calories and improve your fitness, while having an enjoyable workout.

This sturdy trampoline can support users up to 225 pounds, making it the perfect fitness equipment for all ages. Even better, JumpSport offers video workouts to help you stay motivated on your cardio fitness trampoline.

JumpSport Pro Series Fitness Trampoline

Looking for a more affordable option? The JumpSport Pro Series Fitness Trampoline offers affordability without compromising quality. The 39-inch frame allows for plenty of jumping area, alongside 7 adjustable tension settings for a custom bounce. This fitness trampoline pairs perfectly with high-intensity workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals. The lightweight design makes this trampoline perfect for moving any place throughout your home.

If you’re tired of doing boring cardio like running, give a fitness trampoline a try! Not only will you gain access to an exercise that is fun, but you’ll also simultaneously work towards improving your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Not to mention, fitness trampolines provide other positive benefits such as improved balance and stability, enhanced bone density, and stress relief.

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