GoTrax Electric Scooters

GoTrax, an American company located in Texas, creates high-quality electric scooters, bikes, and hoverboard products. Their mission as a brand revolves around creating environmentally-friendly products to offer a new alternative to gas transportation. To achieve their mission, GoTrax creates smart, green traveling products that are fun to ride.

GoTrax values its avid customer base as they continue to improve and better its product offerings. With over 1 million electric vehicles sold, customers choose GoTrax as a trusted manufacturer for electric scooters and hoverboards. Along with its expertise, GoTrax offers a 90-day warranty on all GoTrax products. This leads the industry in warranties on hoverboards and scooter products.

Exceptional Customer Support and Product Line

In addition to their expertise, GoTrax’s superior support team helps answer any product questions. Their support team, based out of Colorado, offers a friendly hand for any of your troubleshooting or buying questions.

No matter what your age and weight capacity requirements are, GoTrax offers a fun hoverboard option for you. Not to mention, GoTrax hoverboards and electric scooters are stylish, fun, and safe to ride.

GoTrax Hoverboard Features

No matter which GoTrax Hoverboard you choose, you’ll find their impressive top-of-the-line features. Many hoverboard models include:

LED Lighting: First, riders glow up the street at night, ensuring every rider and pedestrian safety. Second, you’ll turn heads with your super-cool glow! Even better, ride along to your favorite song with GoTrax Bluetooth speaker hoverboards. As an example, the wheel lighting of the GoTrax E5 Hoverboard offers both practicality and style!

Self-Balancing Mode: For new hoverboard riders, GoTrax’s special self-balancing mode offers stability while learning to ride. 

Many Finishes: GoTrax offers hoverboards in many colors and finishes, including the ultra-shiny chrome product line. For example, the GoTrax Nova Pro Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker features a snazzy chrome finish.

Affordability: Whether you’d like a hoverboard for yourself or a gift, choosing a hoverboard is easy. GoTrax strives to make its hoverboards affordable. Picking up hoverboarding as a hobby doesn’t need to be expensive! To illustrate, the GoTrax Nova Hoverboard offers an affordable hoverboard option for new riders.

GoTrax Electric Scooter Features

GoTrax features nine electric scooter products to choose from. Whether you’re searching for a first-time, affordable scooter or a scooter with all the bells and whistles, GoTrax has it all. For children and adults alike, GoTrax offers a gas-free method of fun transportation. Besides, electric scooters offer power!

Some top GoTrax Electric Scooter Features include:

Digital Displays: Modern, digital displays help riders keep track of their headlights, riding speed, and remaining battery life. For example, the easy-to-use digital display included on the GoTrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter.

Powerful Motor: No matter which model you choose, GoTrax offers powerful motors designed to make riding your electric scooter fun. For instance, the GoTrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter features a 300W motor, designed to run quietly and smoothly no matter where you ride.

Safety First: GoTrax Electric scooters prioritize safety features. The anti-lock braking systems offer quick, responsive breaking in any circumstance that may arise.

Easy to Transport: Take your electric scooter on the go with the easily foldable design featured in many GoTrax electric scooters. Above all, portability is a key feature when shopping for an electric scooter.

In summary, GoTrax tops the charts for high-quality electric scooters, hoverboards, and bikes.

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