Greenleaf Dollhouses

GreenLeaf Dollhouses

GreenLeaf offers beautiful dollhouses and miniature collecting accessories for hobbyists and kids everywhere! For over 50 years, GreenLeaf’s dollhouse designs have been cherished by children, adults, and miniature enthusiasts. Additionally, their unique dollhouse designs and furniture are sold all throughout the USA, Canada, and several European countries.

Their company mission revolves around creating affordable items and comprehensive online sources to share knowledge. Whether you’re a hobbyist or collector or are looking for a dollhouse for kids, GreenLeaf’s dollhouse kits offer fun and quality dollhouse options.

As a specialized company, GreenLeaf puts special emphasis on what its users want. Their mission to provide 100% satisfaction to customers keeps customers coming back for more. Furthermore, customers love their easy-to-read and well-illustrated instructions. Putting together your GreenLeaf dollhouse kit is simple and easy.

Why Buy a GreenLeaf Dollhouse

Putting together a dollhouse kit from scratch adds an extra element of fun. Dollhouse kits make the perfect family project, with a keepsake to cherish forever. Or, for hobbyists, collecting various types of dollhouses is a blast! Whether you seek a dollhouse for kids’ play or simply to admire, GreenLeaf Dollhouses offer durability and long-lasting construction.

Many people build and furnish these beautiful dollhouse kits to admire from a far. However, GreenLeaf Dollhouses also can be used for kids, children, and families. Think of the memories you’ll create using your imagination to design and furnish a GreenLeaf Dollhouse Kit. Even better, your children will feel a sense of accomplishment as they create their dream dollhouse from start-to-finish.

Top GreenLeaf Dollhouses

Fairfield Dollhouse Kit

The classic Victorian style of the GreenLeaf Fairfield Dollhouse Kit offers a beautiful charm. This dollhouse kit comes with everything you need to build this eye-catching dollhouse. Featuring four fireplaces, a wrap-around porch, and a tower chamber, this dollhouse leaves room for creativity and imagination. The easy-to-read manual offers extensive instruction to allow any family to build this dollhouse!

Buttercup Dollhouse Kit

This tiny little house brings a cottage feel to life! The GreenLeaf Buttercup Dollhouse Kit, constructed of all wood, requires only glue to complete assembly. This tiny but mighty dollhouse is ready to be filled with your choice of dollhouse furniture. This adorable and charming house is the perfect introductory dollhouse for first-time children or families. The opportunities for imagination with the Buttercup Dollhouse Kit are endless. Paint the walls, add wallpaper, or add unique furniture: the choice is yours!

Glencroft Dollhouse Kit

The GreenLeaf Glencroft Dollhouse Kit reflects charming English architecture, with a beautiful picket fence and silk-screened windows. The spacious inside features four rooms, ready to be decorated with your personal style. Kids and adults alike love the Glencroft model, as it requires only glue to assemble. Use this dollhouse to admire from afar or to play with your children and encourage imaginative play.

In summary, GreenLeaf Dollhouses feature various themes and architectural elements, allowing customers endless options. Though the Fairfield, Buttercup, and Glencroft are amongst the top-selling options, all GreenLeaf dollhouse kits offer the same durability, beauty, and charm.

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