Hoverboards provide a new way to explore and get moving! Hoverboards are similar to scooters, with one major difference. These boards self-balance, meaning they do not require the use of hands. Since 2015, these exciting devices have been increasing in popularity as a fun recreational activity.

In general, these devices run on batteries, many of which use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Indeed, hoverboards offer an exciting activity for all ages. Even better, many super cool features like LED lighting and music speakers make hoverboards the coolest new product.

Parts of a Hoverboard

Hoverboards consist of a few parts, which all work together to help them smoothly glide. These include:

  • Battery: Hoverboards run on electricity, so you’ll need to periodically charge your hoverboard. Some hoverboard options may have a longer battery life than others.
  • Motor: The motor provides power to the wheels in order to keep the rider balanced and upright.
  • Gyroscope: This is a fancy word for the mechanism which helps adjust the tilt of the hoverboard.
  • Microprocessor: Gives power to hoverboard wheels.

Top Hoverboards 

GoTrax E4 All Terrain Hoverboard 

The GoTrax E4 All Terrain Hoverboard is the perfect hoverboard for beginner hoverboard riders. If you’re looking to get started, use the self-balancing mode to get used to balancing the hoverboard. You’ll enjoy riding at speeds of up to 7.5 miles per hour!

The front LED lighting helps to illuminate the pathway at night, allowing you to enjoy riding your hoverboard at any time of day. Even better, jam out your favorite music as you ride using the included Bluetooth music speaker. 

GoTrax E5 Hoverboard with Music Speaker

The GoTrax E5 Hoverboard with Music Speaker is an all-around great hoverboard for riders of all ages. This hoverboard can support riders as light as 44 pounds, up to 220 pounds. Whether you’re looking for a hoverboard for a child or an adult, this hoverboard is fun for everyone.

The innovative tunnel light design makes you stand out amongst the crowd. Ride around alone or with your friends at any time of the day! This ultra-cool hoverboard is also designed with safety in mind, meeting several strict safety certifications.

GoTrax Nova Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

The GoTrax Nova Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter is amongst the most affordable options for hoverboards available. As such, this self-balancing scooter serves as the perfect beginner hoverboard. Not to mention, the Nova Hoverboard offers much fun, vibrant color options to help match your unique style.

Looking for the perfect holiday present for kids or adults? The Nova hoverboard provides hours of fun recreation and helps increase your balancing skills. Race your friends or ride alone, the choice is yours!

GoTrax Nova Pro Hoverboard

Next, the GoTrax Nova Pro Hoverboard provides a one-step up option from the classic Nova Hoverboard mentioned above. The extended battery life allows users to ride up to 5 miles on a single charge. Reaching top speeds of 6.2 miles per hour, the Nova Pro allows you more power for an ultra-fun ride.

Unleash your inner adventure with one of these top hoverboards. In summary, owning a hoverboard is a fun recreational activity for people of all ages. Undoubtedly, hoverboards provide a new type of recreational fun. Give one a try to try the fun for yourself!

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