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Each of KidWise’s bouncers and bounce houses features unique games and activities that will keep your kids occupied for hours. For example, their Sports Bouncers offer unique games that go beyond a standard bounce house. KidWise takes inflatables to the next level with their integrative designs to encourage both physical and cognitive child development.

KidWise Clubhouse Climber Bounce House

For example, the KidWise Clubhouse Climber Bounce House is jam-packed with endless opportunities for fun amongst several children. This bounce house can support up to 5 children, with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. The internal ball pit area can support PVC balls for additional fun, coupled with the 2 external and 1 internal slide. Watch your kids bounce and slide with the Clubhouse Climber bounce house!

KidWise Arc Arena II Sport Bounce

Do your kids love sports? Check out the KidWise Arc Arena II Sport Bounce House. This bounce house adds an additional level of fun to a bounce house by integrating sport-related games. Each end of this bounce house features hoops for basketball games and goals for soccer games. The Arc Arena II Sport Bounce encompasses physical activity through jumping, alongside the improvement of athletic skills through sports games.

KidWise bounce houses use quality materials to ensure durability. In addition, the excellent theming of KidWise bounce houses sets them apart from competitors. Their unique themes jumpstart a child’s imagination, allowing for endless possibilities for creativity. From the princess castle-inspired themes to raceway themes, KidWise bouncers never lack opportunities for fun. As a result, your children will enjoy jumping and socializing in their bounce house.

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About KidWise

KidWise offers a wide variety of both residential and commercial bouncers that encourage active outside play. Inflatable bounce houses promote an excellent combination between physical activity and creativity through imaginative play. The varied themes of a KidWise bounce house pave the way for all types of fun. As a result, parents and children alike benefit from the purchase of a residential bounce house.

KidWise offers various outdoor products in addition to bounce houses, such as trampolines, water slides, and more. As such, this expertise allows them to create high-quality inflatables that promote and encourage play for your children, without compromising safety. Their company mission strives to bring users the best possible outdoor play and encompass “everything a kid wants” in products that are affordable for parents.

In addition to its extensive product line, KidWise also provides superior customer service, so you can feel confident in your purchase of a bounce house or other outdoor play equipment. They welcome ongoing feedback to continually improve their products. 

To address common safety concerns pertaining to bounce houses, KidWise ensures their bounce houses use materials tested for lead and phthalates. Their outdoor products undergo adequate testing to ensure safety for all children using these products.