Rave Sports Water Trampoline

About Rave Sports 

Rave Sports, the originator of the inflatable water trampoline, offers products designed for serious water sports fun. Rave Sports began in 1996 as a team with a vision. This vision includes an alternative sports product that would change the recreation market. Today, their mission follows exactly that vision! As such, their innovative water recreation products combine fun and safety for all your water sport needs, including water bouncers and water trampolines.

In addition to their water bouncers and water trampolines, Rave Sports also offers paddleboards, towable tubes, and other water sports items. Another advantage to Rave Sports’ many water sports products is the ability to design and upgrade with numerous accessories. Their accessories add even more fun to their already exciting products to keep the fun going. In fact, water sports provide fun for people of all ages!  

Rave Bongo

The extensive Rave Bongo Water Bouncer lineup, available in four sizes of different diameters, ranges from 10 to 20 feet in diameter. The Rave Bongo series is constructed of reinforced commercial PHC, with a nylon webbed jump surface to provide excellent bounce action. The easy-to-use anchor connection points prevent tipping and ensure safety. In addition, the Rave Bongo can be customized for even more fun, with the addition of aqua slides and other add-ons.

Rave Aqua

The Rave Aqua Water Trampoline lineup, amongst the first products offered by Rave, provides a fun jumping experience for both kids and adults. Offered in four sizes, choose the size that best fits your needs and budget. The patented barless water trampoline jump surface offers 20 to 30% more jumping space and allows for easy setup or storage. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty steel springs allow for a super fun bounce.

Rave Aqua Log

Take your water trampoline even more fun with extra add ons. For example, try adding the Rave Aqua Log! Made of commercial-grade reinforced PVC, the Rave Aqua Log can add a whole new element of fun to your water trampoline. Try walking the line of the log without falling into the water! This attachment ensures you’ll never get tired of your Rave Sports water bouncer or trampoline.

Rave O-Zone 

Looking to get your family started with water sports activities? The Rave O-Zone product lineup offers a budget-friendly way to get bouncing! The Rave O-Zone comes in 5 feet or 7 feet, with or without a slide. The spring-less system makes the o-zone lightweight and portable. As such, you can bring it along to any body of water! Additionally, there are various attachments for the o-zone product line. For example, try an oasis lounger attachment, boarding platform, and o-zone slide. 

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