Riding Toys

About Riding Toys

Riding toys give both children and adults a chance to explore the world around them in a new light. From hoverboards to scooters, everyone enjoys a fun ride! Gas and electric bikes offer a fun, new twist on a traditional bicycle, encouraging a new type of recreation.

Not only do riding toys offer endless fun, but they also help strengthen core muscle groups. For adults, gas and electric bicycles and scooters also offer a new, environmentally-friendly method of transportation.

Gas and Electric Bicycles and Trikes

From go-karts to ATVs, powered bicycles and trikes provide an ultra-fun ride. Whether you choose a gas or electric-powered vehicle, these impressive vehicles offer serious power. Whether you’re looking to explore your adventurous side or simply get around, choosing a powered bicycle or trike is a smart choice.

Gas and Electric Scooters

Powered scooters have many uses for both children and adults. Children enjoy special kid scooters, allowing them to ride safely around the neighborhood with power! Adults enjoy gas and electric-powered scooters to get around town with ease. Gas and electric scooters offer a great eco-friendly means of transportation in urban areas.


A hoverboard, or self-balancing scooter, is the ultimate portable device.  Using a lithium battery, these fun devices glide effortlessly, with a fun challenge. Much like riding a skateboard, hoverboards take time and agility to perfect.

Many hoverboards offer exciting features, such as built-in Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your favorite tunes as you ride. Further, bright LED lights off fun-color and pathway lighting to ride your hoverboard in the dark.

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