Water Trampolines

About Water Trampolines

As the name suggests, water trampolines are trampolines that are designed for water usage. This special type of trampoline involves an inflatable outer tube, with a jumping pad in the center. Springs help provides a bouncing surface that floats on water.

Water Trampolines vs. Water Bouncers

Water bouncers differ slightly from water trampolines. They do not have springs or a frame. Rather, they’re smaller and easier to assemble. Water bouncers still provide a decent bounce, though not as much as a water trampoline.

For buyers with limited water space, a water bouncer might be a more suitable option. In addition, water bounces are easy to disassemble for storage during the off-season. The other advantage to a water bouncer is better pricing, as these are generally more affordable than water trampolines.

Benefits of Water Trampolines

Water trampolines offer many of the same benefits as standard trampolines. First, they encourage great exercise through jumping. Jumping elevates your heart, providing excellent activity to help maintain healthy body weight. Finding new ways to encourage exercise from a young age helps your children develop healthy lifestyle decisions.

In addition to exercise, water trampolines provide great fun and social activity for jumpers of any age. Children, teens, and adults alike will all enjoy jumping on a water trampoline or water bouncer. Make memories in the water and sun every summer with a water toy, such as a water trampoline or water bouncer!

Bored of regular activities? Water trampolines also provide a new and unique activity to get involved in. Out with the same old, same old, and in with new, exciting water activities like water trampolines and water bouncers.

Are Water Trampolines Safe?

As with any water activity or sport, all water safety rules and regulations still apply. Water trampolines, when used properly, are safe. Before allowing your children to use a water trampoline, be sure to go through proper safety techniques. People using a water trampoline should be strong swimmers in the event of a fall.

The placement of a water trampoline is another important safety consideration. Water trampolines should only be placed in appropriate water depths, which will be indicated by the manufacturer. Usually, water trampolines are best in deep water from 8 to 10 feet.

Are Water Trampolines for Kids or Adults?

Water trampolines and water bouncers offer fun for jumpers of any age! While water toys are a great source of recreation for children, they offer an activity for the entire family. When searching for a water trampoline, be sure to assess the weight capacity. This will ensure your whole family can be safely supported by the water trampoline.

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