Backyard Discovery Cedar Cove Wooden Swing Set

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  • Full upper fort
  • Wooden frame for reliable strength
  • Provides plenty of activities for up to 9 children
  • Lower clubhouse with grill, plastic food and a seating area
  • Easy Assembly –Supported by the step-by-step interactive BILT app
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Cedar Cove Wooden Swing Set

Boredom is never an option with the Cedar Cove Wooden Swing Set by Backyard Discovery. This swing set is action packed with a full assortment of play features perfect for any sized yard. Our unique feature combinations are not typically found on traditional swing sets such as our side-by-side 5 ft challenging rock wall and step ladder, our high-quality web swing and dual slide configuration featuring both a spiral tube slide and 10 ft. wave slide. Our step ladder features flat step rungs making entry into a fun filled upper clubhouse easy for any size of foot, the extra-long metal safety handles provide extra convenience for your child and peace of mind for you. 

Once they’ve made it into the upper fort, they’ll enjoy drawing on our built-in chalkboard, spotting friends through the built-in pretend telescope or hanging out on the lookout balcony. Our 3-position swing beam is equipped with our patented swing beam extender offering wider swinging lanes and a safer experience for everyone. Outdoor play will never be the same with the Backyard Discovery Cedar Cove wooden swing set.

Cedar Cove Swing Set Features

  • Upper play: a full upper fort adds additional play features includingsun porch, telescope and built-in chalkboard
  • Lower play: lower playhouse includes shaded play area with built-in grill, pretend sink, plastic food and built-in seatingwith snack window
  • Dual slide: Equipped with a multi-slide configuration, kids can choose to go down the 10 ft wave slide or the spiral tube slide…or both
  • Multi-Swing Position:Our patented swing beam extender allows for wider swing lanes and 3 full swing positions including 2 heavy-duty belt swings and web disc swing
  • Flat-Step Ladder: Wide rung steps on the entry ladder create an easy access point for children of all abilities. Perfect for families with varying age ranges.
  • 12 Cleat Rock Wall: Positioned next to the flat-step ladder is a 5 ft. rock wall with 12 cleats positioned for safe climbing and a great grow-with-me feature that will challenge kids as they develop
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions for this product are available through the free BILT app.
  • Enhanced design: 2-tone coloration and superior design offer a modern feel and provides a more aesthetically pleasing look for your backyard
  • Safety First: We put safety first by using flat step ladders for safe climbing, extra-long safety handles for convenience, wider swing lanes, and slide rails 3 times higher than standard requirements
  • Easier assembly: supported by the step-by-step, interactive and voice narrated BILT app for ease and convenience during your assembly process

Cedar Cove Wooden Swing Set Review

Additional information

Weight492 kg
Dimensions220.4 × 183.4 × 119.4 cm

Backyard Discovery


Brown, Green


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