JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline with Enclosure (12′ and 14′)


  • PianoSprings deliver the biggest bounce around
  • VariableBounce provides a smooth, low-impact landing
  • Built-in safety rest zones
  • Easy to install
  • 50+ safety innovations & patents

AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline with Enclosure

Our Premier Trampoline and Enclosure System! The same quality you have come to know and love from AlleyOOP with a new, clean design. Sleeker and stronger with an easy-to-install overlapping doorway. The AlleyOOP enclosure systems are externally mounted, which provide dramatically more play space within the enclosure bay, almost 36% more area for the 14’ than an internally hung net. Our Fail-Safe enclosure contains high strength support straps with an externally wrapped net to prevent collapse. Having these backup systems in place is imperative for safety.

AlleyOOP trampolines provide the safety features and durability parents expect and deserve while allowing the jumper to bounce higher with quality springs. The frame is heavy-duty, and includes our patent pending all steel “DD” Sure-Lok system to prevent the frame from twisting and deforming. Galvanized then powder coated with a beautiful forest green, textured finish, to blend seamlessly into your yard. The trampoline jumping mat is higher off the ground at 35″, allowing us to utilize our exclusive 96 Black High-Performance Springs on 14′ (88 springs on 12′). These music wire black springs stretch farther when you jump, resulting in a smoother rebound that is spread out over a greater distance. Our springs will not only last longer but will give you performance far superior to any other trampoline you’ve jumped on!

AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline Features

Superior Bounce- All trampoline springs are not created equal. Professionals choose AlleyOOP for our proprietary PianoSprings, which deliver the biggest, best bounce around—bar none. Made of tempered, high-carbon steel piano wire coupled with a tapered, wide barrel design, our springs stretch significantly longer than the lower-quality steel springs. Each spring is engineered for maximum bounce and durability, while cushioning landings. 

Shock Absorption- Landings never felt so smooth. With our signature VariableBounce technology, alternating v-ring lengths allow springs to engage at different stages, making for a cleaner rebound and enhanced performance.

Protective Frame Pad- The ultimate in comfort, protection, and durability. Our professional gym-quality frame pad thoroughly covers the trampoline frame and springs in high-density foam and fabric (no tapering) to protect jumpers from touching springs, falling between them, or impacting the frame.

Rest Zones- Professional, gym-quality foam pads, so kids can rest and recoup safely without having to exit the trampoline. 

Weather Proof- Forget rust and rail twisting—this heavy-duty 12’ frame is made of rugged, cold rolled steel with “DD” SureLok joints that withstand wear and tear.  The textured powder coated finish and galvanization process provides years of protection against rain, sun, sleet, and snow

Safety Features

Secure Doorway- No zipper! Unlike other safety nets, our doorway offers 360° of protection and is never left unopened or unzipped.

High Impact Netting- Our wide aperture netting gives jumpers something to grab onto and hold themselves up, especially when taking a break. It also creates a clear line of vision for parents, while blending nicely into the backyard. The thick, braided strands offer unmatched impact strength and UV protection.

Durable Backup System- While kids jump, our comprehensive safety enclosure system evenly distributes the impact throughout the trampoline system, ensuring jumpers are securely and safely guided back to the jumping surface. The high-strength top support straps—tested to 3,500 pounds—connect the net over ball-end-caps at each pole and are securely folded over and stitched for optimal durability. Securely attached to the pads and frame, the net wraps around the outside of foam-cushioned steel poles, creating a system that distributes impact forces evenly and increases durability of each component.

AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline Review

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