Rave Sports Whoosh Water Mat Inflatable Activity Platform


  • Won’t sink, curl, or rip
  • Super durable & easy to inflate
  • Extremely Portable
  • Easily deflates and rolls up like a sleeping bag
  • Commercial-grade PVC

Whoosh Water Mat Inflatable Activity Platform

The Water Whoosh Floating Mat is constructed from extremely durable yet, flexible commercial grade, drop-stitch material. This water mat provides fun for all ages whether and can be used as a slip and slide on water, a ski or board starting platform, a relaxing hang out on hot days or anything you can imagine! Our Whooshes are available in 3 sizes and significantly more stable than foam mats. The Whoosh is lightweight and compact so you can bring it on your boat for added fun on the water without losing valuable passenger space. The Whoosh includes a hand pump, is quick and easy to inflate, folds up compact for easy portability and storage. No need to deal with heavy foam mats that are difficult to lug around! We love the Whoosh and know you will too!

Whoosh Water Mat Features

Won’t sink, curl, or rip- An extremely durable inflatable water Mat that won’t sink, curl or rip, the Whoosh 10′ Is constructed of durable commercial-grade drop-stitch PVC technology that is used in inflatable military boats.When properly inflated, The stiffness of the Whoosh 10’ is similar to a Basketball.

Super durable & easy to inflate- Durable enough to handle dogs, adults On lawn chairs with a fishing pole in hand, and more! With a commercial-grade One-Way air valve, inflation is easy with the included high-pressure hand pump. Simply inflate and put on the water for hours of fun!

Portable- When it’s not being used, the Whoosh 10′ Easily deflates and rolls up like a sleeping bag, so you can take it with you on the boat or pontoon and keep it stored under a seat. Attach a rope to the whoosh’s handy D-ring set inside a reinforced commercial-grade PVC patch on the bottom, and the kids will never be too far away from the boat or dock.

Perfect size- Inflated, The Whoosh 10′ Is 10 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 4″ Tall. The Whoosh 10′ Inflatable water activity mat is the smallest model in the awesome water Whoosh 15′ (15 feet long) and 20′ (20 feet long) activity water Mat family.

Buy with confidence: Created by RAVE Sports, the originator of the water trampoline that created the commercial-grade inflatable water park market that serves commercial camps and resorts worldwide.

Whoosh Water Mat Inflatable Activity Platform​ Review

Additional information

Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions22.8 × 16 × 4.9 cm

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